Print Test Page

Sewing Tutorial

It is important that you configure your printer correctly to get an accurate reproduction of the page when printing. This is usually easy, but the process depends on the software you use for printing. In general, when printing, choose the paper size A4 or letter paper, and disable any kind of scaling, as scaling would change the size of your printed file.

How to Verify


All patterns come as a PDF file which can be printed out on A4, A3, A0 or letter size paper. The first page is a test print page with a ruler in centimeters and inches. First, print this test page to make sure that the settings of your printer are correct. Then print your pattern.

Print the test page only to verify that your settings are correct. The test page has a ruler in centimeters and inches. Measure the ruler on the test page with your ruler at home. Your printer is set up correctly if the two rulers line up. If this is true, you’re all set! You can go ahead and print out patterns. Print your pattern(s) just like you did with the test page.

Print test page A4

Print test page A3

Print test page US letter size


Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat, Reader¹ or a compatible PDF reader software.
To print, go to FILE PRINT or press CTRL + P. A printer dialog should come up.
Select the printer you like to use. Make sure that the fit to page option is set to OFF and the scaling factor is to 100%.



On macOS, use the built-in Preview app to open the PDF by double clicking on it.
To print, go to FILE PRINT or press  CMD + P. A printer dialog box should come up.
Set the scale factor to 100%. Do not use the scale to fit option, as it will as it will change the size of your printed file.


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