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My Journey


My sewing journey that led to PatternAdventure, began in middle school with a simple fabric doll. Since then, sewing has developed into my hobby, profession and passion. Over the last three decades as a master tailor; I’ve guided multiple apprentices and professionals, taught weekly adult sewing classes and organized sewing events at schools. My work spanned from Haute couture, using everything between silk chiffon and fish leather, to designing and creating custom products for individuals and outdoor businesses. This is how my passion for outdoor fabrics, perfect sizing and pattern-making emerged. 

Having guided both beginners and professionals through their projects, I noticed recurring struggles in the realization of their ideas. I knew that a digital holistic solution that could cater to each unique person, would be able to help DIY'ers across the globe. With the encouragement of my family and friends, PatternAdventure was born.

In the winter of 1999, my young family and I arrived in Finland. Though it seemed dark and cold at first, we were quick to discover the excitement that could be found in the northern winter. Half a year later, the endlessly long summer days enticed us to spend every possible moment outside. It was precisely this extremity in weather conditions that taught me over the years the best way to dress in different seasons and for a diversity of activities. This is how my love for outdoor patterns began.



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