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Hi, I'm Tailor Birgit

When creating your individual projects, questions can arise - but no need to panic!
We are here to help. Our detailed sewing guides use easy text and many images to help you navigate any complicated sewing problem. Topics are also discussed in our Facebook Group, where we can focus on 'the help you need'. If you'd like to deepen your sewing skills, check out our courses and/ or workshops.



tips & tutorials


Check out our Basic guides, Tips & Tricks, and Small Project tutorials 
to find answers to your DIY questions.

The Sewing Guidebook

Our guidebook provides you with basic sewing guidance,
markings & symbols, along with guidance for some basic techniques.


How to take your Measurements

It is not difficult to take your own measurements. Use a soft measuring tape.
Follow the Step-by-Step guide.

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