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Bands & Cuffs

Bands & Cuffs

These simple bands or cuffs can be added for extra length to sleeve or pant hems.

Use a two-way stretch fabric. The measurements used in this example will add 5 cm (2") to the length.

1. Cut pieces from your remaining fabric, each piece 20 cm (7.9") long and 22 cm (8.7") wide. Decide which way the bands and cuffs should stretch. These measurements are guidelines.

2. Fold each piece in half, 20 x 11 cm (7.9 x 4.3"), outer fabric sides facing each other. For best results, use the overlock machine. Sew the long edge so you get a seam allowance of 0.8 cm (0.3"). The color red in the image indicates the actual sewing step.

3. Fold the tube in half again, inner fabric sides facing each other. Match the seam. It is now 5.5 cm (2.16") wide and 5 cm (2") long.

4. Pin the open edge of the band to the raw edge of the leg or sleeve hem, outer fabric sides facing each other. Sew the seam with the stretch stitch of your sewing machine or use the overlock machine. Repeat steps to construct the other band or cuff. Skip the point hem finishing in the main instructions.

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