Durable Hiking-Gardening pants

by Christine

I am smitten with these patterns and their awesome customer service. I made the Hiking Pants (non-stretch) for myself. These pants are SO COMFORTABLE, and fit my chubby bod perfectly. I am able to wear a single layer of thin wool jersey leggings or 2 heavier layers over top if needed. These will be well worn hiking and in the garden.




My makes are definitely about function and durability. I have never had a seam need repairing... and that is one of my goals.
They fit fabulous.. and I can wear 1-3 layers underneath if I want.. there is room while maintaining comfort.
Now my DH (dear husband) has requested a pair... likely will have to make my son a pair too. This is my practice garment—next pair will be made out of neoshell.

Fabric choice
My Fabric choice

DWR Olive Stretch Woven & Brass 1000D Cordura (fabric choices were challenging due to thickness & combining stretch woven with non-stretch cordura), but hey I thrive on challenges...The cordura 1000D with the stretch woven was challenging but I wanted the Main Fabric is Olive stretch woven (twill-like texture).

Using Cordura for knees and hem cuffs has been challenging due to thick seams but I really want durable knees. I didn’t want the Cordura backing next to my skin so I added a layer of lightweight power dry to the knees.


My Design for both pants

Hiking pants

- Form Waistband

- Hand pockets

- Thigh zipper pockets

- Butt-, Knee- & Hem design made with Cordura

Sewing the pants

I sewed these almost exclusively on my Janome HD9 straight stitch machine, although I did overlocked some seams (and the buttonhole was made on my janome 9400). 

All my fabrics are from Discovery Fabrics except for the camo-print binding I cut myself. I really love the cut of the waistband... and the zipper insertion tutorial was a very good method. The rubber mallet was handy due to the thickness of some of the Cordura 1000D seams.

Yesterday I did the buttonhole & tack button installation. I was a bit perplexed that my button position shifted so much but they fit great. I assume my shape-flex interfacing on my waistband restricted the normal stretch of the band pieces & thus it seems shorter. But I’m glad the waistband doesn’t stretch. I just took my time positioning the button/buttonhole to be sure everything was right.


Sewing challenge

Gaiter hook & Tightening

I took inspiration from Birgit’s cuff photos & put in cuff elastics so I could cinch the cuffs tight around my boots. I also added gaiter clips so I could clip the bottom cuff to my boot laces so they stay put. I didn’t have proper gaiter clips but what I had on hand seems to work well.


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