Hiking Shorts

by Birgit, Katharina & Susan

The women’s hiking shorts are perfect for a day out during these warm and hot days in the summer. They have a slim look and yet do not restrict when moving.

Basic Pattern

The basic pattern has a gusset and a 4cm (1.57’’) elastic waistband. The back piece of the pants is slimmer than the front piece as the side seam is placed further to the back.

Add Extras to your liking.



Length of the Shorts

Length of the shorts

The shorts have a length between a ‘normal’ shorts and a bermuda shorts. Therefore perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities. The pattern is customized to reflect the fact that people have different leg-lengths.

Hand pockets

The standard hand pockets are slightly rounded and yet easy to sew. Understitch the pocket opening edge before you topstitch to strengthen the edge.

The hand zipper pockets are angled from the waist edge to the side seam. The covered zipper is easy to make.(link to stretch hike pants)

The pocket is deep enough to carry your phone. The zipper is covered. (link to stretch hike pants)


Thigh pockets

Pep up the pockets with a ribbon and give it an individual touch. Or add an inside sleeve pocket to keep your phone from flopping around. The pockets are spacious enough to carry the important items along.


Women's Cargo Pocket

Range of Movement

Fabric choices

Fabric choices

Using a lightweight non-stretch fabric works fine. 
The navy blue shorts are made from Supplex Nylon. A soft Nylon fabric that dries faster than swimwear and is super light.
For the black shorts I used a Polyester/Cotton blend. Yet again a light and thin fabric.
The purple shorts are made of an outdoor Polyester fabric with a 3% lengthwise stretch.


Fabric combinations

Fabric combinations

The slimmer back piece allows you to use a different, more durable, stronger fabric. The durable fabric will protect you from ruff sitting areas. The table below shows possible fabric combinations. I recommend these (top to bottom in image):
- Supplex/Cordura
- Uncoated Cordura
- Waxed Polyester/Cotton blend
Tip: Cut the back piece in bias for more wearing comfort when using the waxed Polyester/Cotton blend or an uncoated Cordura fabric.


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