Outdoor & Hiking Pants

by Fabienne

I love sewing in general but especially outdoor garments. This spring I found myself sewing mostly all kinds of outdoor pants. I started off with a pair of Hiking pants made from Supplex Cordura, continued with the stretch pants from the Polyamide with Coolmax and the last two were from a 3-layered fabric. At the end I used all the leftover fabric pieces for a very special kind of Jeans jacket.


The Supplex Cordura pants

As I love black for my pants, the Extras I chose are hard to see. My Extras were the Form waistband, butt & hem design seams and two thigh pockets. The fit is really good for all the pants. Unfortunately, I only took one photo of the stretch pants during my hike along the belgien beach in the spring.

The Stretch Pants

The Stretch Pants

3- Layered Fabric Pants

As I wanted to make pants from a 3-layered fabric for my friend, I helped test the new outdoor pant pattern for 3-layered fabrics. I used the SMPTX in olive for my friend and in black for myself. Of course I tested the pants for water proofness and repellency, too. The fit came out very good for both of us.

The Sewing process

My front and back pieces are ready for assembly.

Sewing details

I had some small struggles but I overcame them. Oops, like here, I should have turned the waistband facing, so the seams are now visible on the inside.

The Treat -
A Jeans jacket from the leftover fabrics


At the end of my spring sewing sessions, I treated myself and combined all the leftover fabric pieces into a jeans jacket. Thank you Birgit for helping me to decide where to place which fabric, as some pieces were quite tight for the pattern pieces. We decided like this:

Cordura 330den: shoulder yoke
SMPTX: back & side pieces
Stretch Polyamide: front pieces
Supplex Cordura: collar & front flap



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