Waterproof Pants

by Annamari and Birgit



This is the first time I have been sewing a 3-layer waterproof fabric. I thought it was much more difficult but it was just like sewing a normal non-stretch fabric. I used a Teflon coated sewing foot and the sewing went smoothly. I love wearing my pants.


I used a non-stretch 3-layer waterproof fabric with 175g/sqm as my main fabric. It feels nice against the skin and I like the breathability. I decided to try the small hem reinforcement patch to protect the inseam. Birgit suggested I should use a PU coated Cordura. I settled for 160 den and 170g/sqm. It is perfect for my use. A small piece of cute cotton fabric was just big enough for the pocket lining and the fly-shield and face. Unfortunately it was not enough for the waistband facing, so instead I used a Polyester Taffeta lining.

Design & Sewing

All I needed for my pants were the form waistband with zipper front, the zipper hand pockets and of course the small hem reinforcement. Even though I have never made hand zipper pockets and I always struggle with the zipper front, the instructions were easy to follow. I am very pleased with the outcome. Placing the coated Cordura proved to be more difficult, as I did not want to make any extra holes into both fabrics. In the end, I used masking tape and pins, which worked quite well.


My Design


The fitting is really good. I can move easily, no restrictions at all. I have a small butt and slim legs and most pants are funny from behind and are too loose around the legs for me. The high back cut protects my back well during biking and berry picking. The gusset is very comfortable. I like to wear my pants a little shorter as I mostly wear trainers. In summary, I love this pair of pants.


Fitting of the pants

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