Women's Stretch Hiking pants

by Birgit

Different outdoor fabrics require different sewing patterns. Especially when the fabric contains stretch. This women's style pattern is made for the bi-elastic Stretch-Polyamide with Coolmax ® and a bi-elastic Softshell with Merino wool inside. A nice looking slim leg design.

The Fabrics

Stretch-Polyamide with Coolmax®

This fabric is lightweight, durable from the outside and very soft from the inside due to the Coolmax® layer. This combination makes it perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities in most weather conditions. The impregnated outside surface gives a very good protection. The fabric is fast drying and very breathable. The bi-elastic stretch has more lengthwise stretch than crosswise which allows a slim leg cut and modern look.

Kevlar®/polyamide blend

This durable blend of Kevlar® and Polyamide is tear-, heat- and abrasion resistant, in other words perfect for reinforcements. The 4-way stretch makes it a perfect combination with the Stretch-Polyamide fabric.

Softshell with Merino wool

This 2-layered polyamide Softshell (pink fabric in photo) has no membrane and the inner layer is made from soft Merino wool. The outside surface is impregnated, durable, abrasion-resistant, dirt & water repellant. The soft Merino wool inner surface helps to regulate your temperature and moisture build up. The Merino wool is soft and does not itch on the skin. The bi-elastic stretch provides free movement and allows a slim cut fit.

The Fabrics

Hem Reinforcement

The hem is reinforced with the Kevlar®/polyamide blend. It covers the full hem and yet only where protection is actually needed. The inseams of the pants are covered high. As less protection is needed at the side, the cut is lower. Which means the hem has a good overall protection against sharp edges and normal wear and tear during a trip.

Slim Leg Cut


The dark colored pants have a slim hem circumference that just fit over regular hiking boots. While the bright colored pants have a little tighter hem circumference for low cut shoes.

The additional length of both pants covers your ankles when you lift your legs. This will prevent your trousers from sliding above your boots or shoes, and prevents small debris or stones getting into your shoes.

Knee & Thigh

The lengthwise stretch allows a slim knee and thigh cut. Nevertheless, some extra ease or width is needed in this area so the pants are not pulled down from the back when moving. A base layer should also fit under the pants, as you might need some extra warmth during your trip. 

The Hand Zipper Pocket

Both of these pants have hand-zipper-pockets. The zipper is covered. The pocket is deep enough to carry all kinds of items, such as a bigger phone. This kind of pocket is not difficult to sew.

The Cargo Pocket

The cargo pocket has a nice size also for women. The flap covers the opening. In this case hook & loop (velcro) keeps the pocket closed and allows easy access at the same time. The slightly tiled side seams of the pants, let's the pocket sit more on the side than on the front of the thigh.

A cargo pocket is placed on top of the main fabric. Which means, you have two layers of main fabric at this place. The cargo bag is designed with a dart in the front and a pleat on the side.
The main advantage of this design is seen when walking through dense terrain, as you are not getting hooked onto branches because the opening of the pleat is facing backwards. There is no pleat at the bottom either. The pocket provides enough space for all kinds of items, is long enough for a map and yet has a slim look.

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