Beanie Hat

For Merino wool

Quick-to-make base-layer beanie hat to keep your head warm. Perfect as a first and second base layer. The beanie hat fits easily under helmets. The women’s beanie hat has a more flattering cut and yet it fits easily under helmets too. The wide double layer gives very good protection over the earlobe and forehead. A nice project for leftover pieces of fabric.

Recommended fabrics: Single Jersey Merino wool, Merino wool Interlock or any other fabrics with a similar amount of hand-stretch of 15%.

Single Jersey Merino wool is thin, light-weight, stretchy, moisture absorbent and warm. The weight is 200g/sqm. The Interlock Merino wool is thicker, a little heavier, stretchier, moisture absorbent and warmer. Both of these fabrics have 15% lengthwise hand-stretch and are my favorite fabrics as Merino wool controls your body heat.

The pattern has 5 different sizes each for women and men. The head circumferences range from 52 -65 cm (20.5''-25.6''). It will be sent to you within 3-5 business days via a PDF downloadable link. The sewing instructions are easy to follow with lots of images to guide you.

Sewing pattern layout available in A4, A3, A0, US Letter, letter single-sheet. 


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