Men's Leggings

For P-Dry functional fabrics

Quick-to-make base-layer leggings to keep you comfortable when sweating. Also perfect to wear even daily as a light warming layer.

The basic sewing pattern has an elastic waistband in a tunnel. Choose the soft elastic band for a different comfort and look. You will receive both looks.

Recommended fabrics: P-Dry functional & elastic Bike-Jersey fabrics, Single Jersey & Interlock Merino wool. The Single Jersey Merino wool is thin, light-weight, stretchy, moisture absorbent and warm. The weight is 200g/sqm and it has a 4-way hand-stretch of 20% crosswise & 15% lengthwise stretch. The Interlock Merino wool is thicker, a little heavier, stretchier, moisture absorbent and warmer. It has a hand-stretch of 40-50% crosswise & 15% lengthwise.

P-Dry fabrics and Bike-Jerseys are moisture wicking, and highly elastic.

Due to the difference in stretch and thickness of the fabrics, you'll receive two patterns for each look so you can decide which fabric & pattern suits you best.

Tip: Use the leggings 2 pattern for the P-dry functional & bike-jersey.

The sewing pattern is customized to your size and will be sent to you within 3-5 business days via a PDF downloadable link. Each pattern includes sewing instructions that are easy to follow with lots of images to guide you.

Sewing pattern layout available in A4, A3, A0 or US letter size. 


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