Men's Stretch Hiking Pants

For bi-elastic stretch fabric

The stretch hiking pants pattern has a slim modern look but still fits over a base layer. The cut allows free movement. The recommended fabric is perfect for all kinds of cooler outdoor activity days. The bi-elastic (or 4-way stretch) main fabric used for these pants allows a slimmer cut for the pattern and the possibility to add butt, knee and hem reinforcements made from a 4-way-stretch Kevlar® fabric.

The basic sewing pattern for men includes a gusset and shaped knees. The side seam is placed further to the back, so the optional thigh pockets sit more on the side.

Waistband: Choose between the elastic waistband, 4 cm wide (1.5") with belt loops or the form waistband including the front-fly.
Hand pockets: Choose between the rounded or the zipper hand pockets.
Thigh pockets: Decide on the pocket type and the body side.

Recommended main fabrics: Stretch-Polyamide with Coolmax® including 10% lengthwise & 5% crosswise hand-stretch.
Recommended reinforcement fabrics: Stretch Kevlar®/polyamide-blend.

The main fabric is bi-elastic, hard-wearing from the outside and very soft and breathable from the inside. It is water- and wind resistant. The Kevlar®/polyamide-blend is tear-, heat- and abrasion-resistant and perfect for reinforcements in combination with the Polyamide blend.

All PatternAdventure pants have a relaxed fit to allow free movement. A base layer fits underneath. They are perfect for all kinds of different outdoor activities. The included additional length covers your ankles when lifting your legs to prevent your trousers from sliding above your boots, and small debris or stones getting into your shoes. 

Each sewing pattern is customized to your size and will be sent to you within 3-5 business days via a PDF downloadable link. Individual sewing instructions and a material checklist are included with each pattern. The sewing instructions are easy to follow with lots of images to guide you.

Sewing pattern layout available in A4, A3, A0 or US letter size.


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