Eta-Proof Hiking Pants

by Birgit

The hiking pants are made from Eta-proof. For the butt and hem design I used a waxed Polyester/Cotton blend.

The trousers have two thigh pockets. On the right hand side is the thigh zipper pocket and on the left hand side is the new cargo pocket with flap. The sewing instruction for the cargo flap pocket is in its final stage and will be available soon. 

Eta-Proof Fabric

Eta-Proof is a wonderful fabric for outdoor activities. It is made from 100% cotton. The sturdy tight weave makes it perfect for any adventure trip, as it is durable, very wind-resistant and yet breathable. The DWR proofing makes it also water-resistant. Even though the fabric feels stiffer, Eta-proof remains soft, easy to care for and yet easy to sew. Due to the sturdy tight weave, the pattern needs a little more ease than other non-stretch fabrics. Nevertheless, the pattern is non-restrictive when moving.


Polyester/Cotton Fabric

I used the Polyester/cotton blend for the butt and hem designs. The wax impregnation on the outside makes it water resistant. Due to the tight weave it is windproof. The fabric itself absorbs hardly any moisture, is durable and soft against the skin. Perfect to combine durability where it is needed and comfort to the remaining part of the pants.


Butt and Hem Design

Butt & Hem

The butt and hem is made from the Polyester/cotton blend. It provides durability where it is needed. The butt design seam is long, so it provides good protection when sitting. The pattern is cut on bias, so it provides extra flexibility when moving.

The hem design is cut higher on the inseam and has no seam on the inside leg. This gives you good protection and durability. Add a gaiter hook to the inside of your hem to keep the pants better in place.

Zipper Pocket

This is an inserted pocket and the pocket lining is topstitched onto the outer fabric side. Which means you only have one pocket 'bag' piece. I designed this inserted zipper pocket, so you can learn and sew zipper pockets without any fear of cutting into your fabric or sewing a zipper. 

The Sewing Instructions

The sewing instructions for the zipper pocket is easy to follow. Lots of drawings go along with little text. I designed this zipper pocket, so you can learn and sew zipper pockets without fear of cutting wrongly into your fabric and sewing a zipper. Yet there are no extra seams or pattern pieces to confuse you.

Cargo Pocket with Flap

The cargo pocket is designed so it has space for all kinds of items which need to be on hand during the trip. The front dart provides more length and the side pleat extra volume. Going through dense forest areas the cargo pocket is not getting stuck to small branches or sticks. The flap has a velcro closure for quick access. A hiking map fits easily into the pocket.

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