Short Hiking Pants

by Felix

I am very happy with the result. The fit is very comfortable (for non-stretch material), certainly also because of the gusset. I expect the trousers will also work well for mountain biking. In the pictures the trousers are still a bit new and stiff.

The Fabric

Some leftover pieces of fabric (cotton/PE 240 g/m2 in grey and blue) served as a test model for the Hiking Pants for non-stretch fabrics. I only had enough fabric for shorts – so unfortunately there are no pre-shaped knees to be seen.

Hand pockets & waistband

I skipped the cargo pockets, but I added an extra small pocket for phone or keys in the left pocket. And I placed the belt loops just on top (not integrated in the waistband), because I wanted to have the piece done in the evening.

Sewing Experience

The pattern made after my measurements was pretty accurate. I only had to tighten the waistband by 1.5 cm. The documentation and instructions are very easy to understand. They are made with great care and precision and are visually well presented.

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