Hiking pants & Outdoor shorts

by Toni

My summer trip to the Slovak mountains needed new pants. I decided to make stretch Hiking pants & the Outdoor shorts. It was a good choice. I was very happy as they performed nicely in the different weather conditions we faced. The shorts performed very well for my climbing session.

Design & Extras

My design for the hiking pants included the form waistband, hand pockets, left hand thigh zipper pocket and all three reinforcement patches. In the end I skipped the reinforcements during sewing and I did not miss them. I will try them with the next pair.

The shorts got two shorter cargo pockets, the hand pockets and the fly front.


Design features

The Fabrics

The Torla stretch fabric was the right choice for the conditions we faced. 
For the shorts, I was tight on the fabric, so I used two different leftover pieces from earlier projects. Both pieces were left over from previous outdoor projects. 
The brownish fabric was enough for the font and the pockets while the black fabric  was just enough for the back. I was very happy with my choices.


The Challenge

The thigh zipper pocket was definitely a challenge for me. This was the first time for me to sew a zipper pocket like this. So, I needed to work the sewing process out in my head first. Birgit gave me a hand via emails with some photos. And it worked out just nicely.

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