Outdoor Shorts

by Birgit

A great addition to your gear clothing for warm & hot days. The slim fit works best with cargo pockets & a zipper front.

The two different sized cargo pockets, a zipper front with an elastic waistband for a good waist fit, are perfect for Johannes. We used a soft lightweight, fast drying non-stretch Polyester/Cotton blend. 

Cargo Pockets

One cargo pocket (see link) is long to fit a map, the other pocket is shorter and yet big enough to hold a phone. Choose a different colored fabric on the inside of the flap to give your pants a little twist and color. As the side seam is placed further to the back, the thigh pockets sit almost on the side of your body.

The Fit

The shorts have a slim fit and yet have enough space for non-restrictive movements. Air can flow to keep you cool as these non-stretch fabrics are soft, very breathable and do not stick to your skin. The back of the pants is not slipping down when bending over. The gusset has no center seam in the delicate area. Two different type of hand pockets (see link) are available for the shorts. 

Thigh zipper and cargo pockets can easily be placed a few cm (inch) higher, if you prefer the Shorts to be shorter.
Tip: Use the 'shorter' pocket option if you shorten more than 2-5 cm (0.8 -2'').


Fabric choices 

For these shorts, I used a really soft, lightweight and fast drying Polyester/Cotton blend. All the fabrics listed below have very similar properties, like:
- fast drying
- soft to the skin
- very breathable
- lightweight
- wind resistant

Suitable lightweight fabric options (left to right in image):
- Supplex/Nylon
- EtaDry (not in image)
- Polyester/Cotton blend
- EtaProof 200 or Cotton Ventile
- Supplex/Cordura blend
The Supplex/ Cordura blend is a nice choice if you are looking for more durability.


Fabric combinations

The back piece of the pants is nice and slim as the side seam is placed further to the back. Choose a different, more durable, stronger fabric for the back piece. This will protect you from ruff sitting areas.The table shows possible fabric combinations. I recommend these (top to bottom in image):
- Supplex/Cordura
- Uncoated Cordura
- Waxed Polyester/Cotton blend

Tip: Cut the back piece in bias for more wearing comfort when using the waxed Polyester/Cotton blend or an uncoated Cordura fabric.

Fabric choices table

The table gives you ideas on how to combine the fabrics. Of course you can also play with different colors.

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